Monday, December 1, 2008

Keep Your Fingers Cross

Not only am I on a tight budget but also my bridal party. All three of them do not have a full-time job like me so I am on the look out for bridesmaids dresses that are simple, elegant, and under $125. Well, it has not been hard finding dresses with that criteria it has been hard finding the right shade of pink.

I found this dress at Target. As much as I love Target I have never bought clothes from there so I'm not if I can trust them. I'm also not sure if this dress is even elegant.

Keep your fingers cross as I continue looking


Ebonee Monique said...

I think the dress is adorable. Is this by Isaac Mizraahi? If so, he's a very reputable designer AND his clothes are of good quality!

Miss. Meme said...

That dress is designed by Isaac Mizraahi. Thank you for your comment