Thursday, November 27, 2008

Targét, Oh How I love thee

Since Mr. Josh left for boot camp last Sunday and we wanted to register together so our registry is done. I've read blog post about wedding colors making its way into the house decor. As much as I love pink Mr. Josh will not let that color make its way into our future house decor but we do have a color theme for our future house...

Having a color really helped the process. Not knowing much about glassware (why is there a different glass for red and white whine?) did not.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

We're Officially Engaged

We took our engagement pictures last Friday at the Hotel Roanoke

I really enjoyed the photographer. She's great!

It was so much fun taking pictures, changing outfits, smiling, grinning, and laughing (trying to be candid). My only regret was not having a manicure. I bite my nails (bad habit) so they are not the prettiest site. I should of known that she wanted shots with my ring. I really thought I was prepared reading tips but no one mentioned that. Well, Stephanie if you are reading this I wouldn't mind if you give me nails in the pictures. With photoshop anything is posible...right?

Friday, November 21, 2008


before taking your engagement pictures from a bee

  • Be sure to have some ideas of photos in mind ("must takes"). However, it is also beneficial to be open to whatever creative poses that your photographer suggests - you could be pleasantly surprised!
  • Remember that one of the reasons for an engagement photo is to have something to print in the newspaper. As this will frequently be printed in black and white, try to consider your attire from that standpoint.
  • While it's good to have a variety of photos, even the most creative photojournalists will be able to take one or two formal poses.
  • A formally planned engagement shoot isn't mandatory; a friend's snapshot of the happy couple may be able to express their love and excitement just as well.

Monday, November 17, 2008

I Got a New Face

on this blog! yay! 2 months blogging strong

Saturday, November 15, 2008

What's Great About the Beach?

Free Studio! It's better to take pictures outside anyway because of the great lighting from the sun. What a better back drop than the beach (ocean, sand, boardwalk ...). I actually know this couple they attend my home church (she's so photogenic). Their photographer, Keith Cephus, is the best in town (she's so lucky). Check out his blog for the rest of the pictures

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Note To Self:

bring our bikes next week...just kidding

Sunday, November 9, 2008

What Makes You Officially Engaged?

Proposal? No. Ring? No. Taking engagement pictures? Yes...just kidding. We booked our photographer last week to take our engagement pictures in a couple of weeks so I have been surfing blogs to find inspiration. I just had to share with you some that I found. This couple graduated from the school I attending Liberty University (Go Flames!). Their photographer is fantastic.

Friday, November 7, 2008

The Winner Is: Me!

Last Friday I bought my gown and my venue was booked but there is one more thing that happen that amazing day. I won a Dunkin Donuts Gift Card! I am receiving this wonderful prize from Isha Foss Events. Isha Foss Events is Virginia's #1 luxury wedding & event planning, coordinating, and design company (well, at least to me). I love their blog because I get to see their creative, stylish, Southern Weddings Magazine worthy events. You should check them out.

Thanks again Ladies!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I Found the Last Clue

Ladies and Gentlemen get excited because last Friday our venue was booked for
our ceremony and reception!

This amazing place is called the Hilton Garden Inn. The inside looks just as great as the outside (I'll post pictures in a couple of weeks). The staff is cool because they put up with my indecisiveness/S personality (I don't want the ceremony there, I change my mind I do want the ceremony there but I think after I sign the contract I can't make anymore changes...that scares me).

To stay in budget I am having a lunch reception. Sometimes brides have a breakfast or brunch reception to stay in budget.

Do whatever you have to do to stay in budget

Clue #?

Congratulations you found the right place!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

dah dum da dum

I saw the title to this post on a wedding program featured on style me pretty. This post is not about that o so cute program but the fact that I can not get "Here Comes the Bride" out of my head. I have a feeling it's stuck in my head because of the amazing day I had Friday.

I bought my wedding dress!
The first time I went gown shopping at Davids Bridal was in June before I had a ring and a budget. I don't recommend going before you have a budget. I wasn't worried when I went because I thought I wanted an empire style dress which is usually under $500. I tried one on and I didn't like the way it looked on me. I felt like I was wearing a sleeping gown. So back on the racks went the empire style dresses and in came the A-lines, ball gowns, beads, and lace (over $500). It was fun I went just to try on gowns I wrote down the information of my top 3. Then reality hit in October aka budget. My wedding dress did not make the important list (will pay at any cost list). So I knew I needed to wait for $99 sale.
Wednesday I received an email that they are having their $99 sale Nov 1 - 17. I thought I was going to wait until I went home to go shopping Nov 16 or 17. But that same day 2 other girls who are also engaged here at my internship asked me if I wanted to go with to try on dresses for fun (they already have their dresses) on Friday. I went with them but I wasn't excited (probably because I don't have a dress) I didn't even tell Mr. Josh or my mom I was going. Our first stop (and our only stop) was Davids Bridal and I was their ticket in since I honestly was still looking for a dress. I was excited to be able to see what dresses would be on sale starting Saturday. The manager told me since they are already advertising it she would honor the sale that day (Friday)!
I was preparing myself to have to settle with a less formal gown because that is usually what is $99. To the surprise of myself and the sales rep there was a beautiful ball gown on sale. The dress ended up on the rack because somehow the store forgot to mark it down from $700 to $399 (I think the dress was discontinued). With that price ($399) I am sure they would have sold all of them. I tried it on and called my mom to inform her I found my dress.
I still can't believe it
dah dum da dum