Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The word for today (yes today)

Repeat after me (repeat after me)

Motif (motif)

According to a motif is a distinctive and recurring form, shape, figure …

A wedding theme can be more than the color scheme; you can also have a motif. Since fall is around the corner popular motifs are fall color leaves, pine cones, oak trees …

Monogram motifs are great too, whether it’s your combine initials or just his last name initial.



For me I didn’t want to just use the usual spring or summer motif. I also didn’t just want to use the usual monograms. These ideas inspired my motifs (but I need to meet up with a graphic designer who will make it more professional):



She used a variation of motifs with their favorite love song, names, wedding date, and a simple flower head. I love this idea

I too want to use a variation of motifs. For the STD, wedding programs, wedding party itinerary, and welcome letter/card I will use something like this motif:

For the wedding invitation and maybe the cocktail napkins I will use something like this motif:

For the gift tags, wedding favor tags, cake topper, and maybe cocktail napkins:

I choose “Hallelujah to the King” because God deserves the honor for us meeting, dating, and getting to spend the rest of our lives together.

What is your motif(s)?

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