Thursday, September 25, 2008

Let the game begin

The original plan was to have the reception in my parent's backyard. This can be a budget friendly option (if you want to be casual or have a standing reception with just cocktails and dancing) but with my vision of my reception (and guest list) it was not:

I had to have tents but I couldn't get one huge one because of the pool in the back I needed three tents to form a 'U' around the pool. ($)

I like to wear heals but they like to sink in the grass so I wanted to rent floors (usually you just have to rent the dance floors). ($$)

I also would have to rent the tables and chairs (usually you just rent the table decor). Oh yeah plates, cups, silverware, and a serving set because my mom didn't want to hire a caterer (who would come with these supplies). ($$$)

Then there was the issue of parking. My guest could park at the school and we could shuttle them to the house but then gas prices went up so even a school bus was out of the question. They are still building up my parent's neighborhood (they build streets before the houses) so my guest could park in the back of the neighborhood and I could rent golf carts or valet parkers. ($$$$)

There are extra things you could rent like sides to the tents and air condition units. ($$$$$)

You always need a plan b if there is a thunderstorm or strong wind. You can only fit so many people in the house and you have to pay whether you use a banquet hall or not. (Oh no...this is not going to work)

So off I went on a scavenger hunt for the right place

clue #1
look for a building

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