Monday, October 13, 2008

Are you into soap operas?

I thought that I wasn't into soap operas. Then I realize I read soap operas twice (sometimes more) a day on: The weddingbee.

I'm excited when their weddings go well and I'm sad (close to crying) when they don't go as planned. I sometimes include them in prayers (at least they are real people). Of course I have my favorites characters (bloggers) and I'm tempted to enter a t.v. talk show contest to meet them. I also have my favorite shows (post). I'm so glad it's shown on a local channel (the Internet) because my pockets can only handle so much inspiration from wedding magazines (now I usually go to the library or sit in Barnes & Noble). Everyday I have a story for Mr. Josh about what happen on the soap opera that day (even though he could careless). I've been a faithful viewer ever since I became bored with the knot (I didn't know that I could view all the pictures and articles...well close to it) but I think they recently updated (this past summer) with new pictures and website format.

Who knew a soap opera show could consist of real people (or should I say brides)

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